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Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade
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Works 24h Open on Sundays Free WiFi Wheelchair accessible Parking

Care home elderly and infirm NADA
We offer single, double and multiple rooms with cable TV and the possibility of using the Internet. Special beds for semi-mobile people to enter the rooms adapted for people with mobility aids or wheelchairs.
* House is located in a quiet part of Borca and is surrounded by 10 acres of green areas and orchards * It is designed for temporary, temporary and permanent accommodation of the sick, elderly and lonely people, with adequate medical care * We provide services and care for your loved ones during the time of the holiday * All-day supervision of medical staff to visit a GP or specialist if necessary
* services of physiotherapists, hairdressers and pedicure * 4 servings a day recommended by nutritionists * Celebrations of important dates for our customers through our company and create a good relationship and family atmosphere in the home
WE OFFER: - permanent and temporary ACCOMMODATION FOR ELDERLY, SICK AND lonely persons - 24 HOUR SUPERVISION OF NURSES - VISIT GP and Specialists DEMAND - SERVICES PHYSIOTHERAPISTS, Hairdresser and pedicure - 4 meals a day recommended by nutritionists UZ Home for old hope is found in the street fighters in the path of Crvenka II approach, the Orthodox Church.