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Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade
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Works 24h Open on Sundays Free WiFi Wheelchair accessible Parking

Kruna home for the elderly began work on 14.12.2004. It is an establishment which is fully qualified to work with the sick and the elderly. Our home is specialized in the care and assistance with basic everyday need for the elderly. The trust we have been shown, our quality work and our unique approach to our residents are our best recommendations. The home is located in Zvezdara, at 43 Svetog Nikole st. (formerly Baja Sekulica), near the city hospital. Included in the home is the yard which is used for walking and relaxation during the warmer months of the year. We have a written agreement of cooperation with the emergency services and their team of docters.

- 24 hours a day
- Complete care
- Medical supervision of the elderly
- Medical supervision of the incapacitated elderly
- Medical supervision of the mentally debilitated elderly

It is important to mention: with their years long experience, there is always a team of experts available, consisting of a doctor, a head nurse and a medical nurse. Meals are prepared every day and can be adjusted to every resident's personal needs (three meals, two snacks). Special attention is paid to hygene, both personal and that of clothing. Finally we'd like to point out that we sucessfully care and aid mentally debilitated elderly, either mobile or incapacitated. Great care is taken to prevent bed sores and treat the exisiting ones. For those who are for any reason unable to care for their loved ones, they can rest assured that we will not let them down.