Hospitals Belgrade

Address: 15 Trebevicka st
Belgrade Phone: 011/3542-785, 3542-786, 062/404-564

4.5/ 5stars

Hospital Adonis is a specialist hospital, for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.
In order to offer top health services based on contemporary surgical achievements, which we constantly monitor so that we can implement them as soon as possible, and be in pace with the world. That we do so, is visible from our results, which are on a enviable level and which we are proud of, and which on the other hand oblige us to constantly stride to the best, on that road of constant perfecting.
That is, apart from the expert team - which is always on the first place, contributed also by the very position of the hospital, which is located in a beautiful, very frequent and urban part of the city, such as Banovo Brdo, which has a extraordinary infrastructure, connecting this part of the city to all others, which makes the hospital easily accessible and very visited.
The object itself is of nice architectural form, spacey, with plenty of light, pastel colors, which look warm and home like.