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ST MEDICA health institution

INTERNAL MEDICINE treating the most comon illnesses in our country: heart and cardiovascular system diseases, diabetes, thyroide gland diseases, kidney and digestive tract diseases...

- Treating worsening conditions of chronically ill patients: daytime hospital, commitment for treatment, quick diagnostics, therapy, continuing treatment, health care.
- Specialist examinations, consultations office, CARDIOLOGY, ENDOCRYNOLOGY, NEFROLOGY, GASTROENTEROLOGY, RHEUMATHOLOGY, ULTRASOUND (encompassed in internal medicine) of abdomen, heart, breasts, thyroid gland, colour doppler of blood vessels of the head and neck and colour doppler of kidney arteries and all other ultrasound examinations. GYNECOLOGY - Gynecological exams and interventions, ultrasound and complete diagnostics, monitoring pregnancies, consultations office, gynecological surgeries (classic and laparoscopic). PEDIATRICS - Prevention and counseling sessions for parents on how to best preserve and advance the physical and mental development of their children - diagnostics, treatment, administering therapy, baby and preschool children consultations office - vaccinations, treament - therapy - ultrasound diagnostics (hips, CNS, cardiology) - Neonatology, surgery, cardiology, endocrinology, orthopedics, physical therapy, pulmology, ORL, plastic surgery. GENERAL SYRGERY - ingrown nails, amputations of fingers - surgical treatment of perianal abcesses, fissures, fistulas, cysts - hemorrhoids - blood vessel surgery - hernia surgery, classic and laparscopic, gallblader syrgery classic and laparoscopic, bile ducts, pancreas and liver surgeries, treating small intestine and colon diseases. PLASTIC AND AESTHETIC SURGERY - 12 years of tradition, hair transplants, breast surgery (enlargment, reducements, lifting), lyposuction, laser lypholisys, NEW - tummy tuck, facelifting, nose correction, eyelids, lips and ear corrections, all types of plastic surgeries, reconstructive and aesthetical. NEW - non-invasive methods in the service of your beauty, mesotherapy, botox, laser removal of tattoes and  capillaries, laser permanent epilation, anti-age and detox treatments, photorejuvenation, radiowaves, ultrasound. PSYCHIATRY - treatment of depression, gentropsychiatry - other