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Household appliances Belgrade
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Monday 08:00 - 16:00
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We are not an ordinary service, but much more than that. Our experience measured in years allows us to accept every challenge in our profession. In addition to repairing espresso machines, we provide regular service thereof, also technical support is at your service to our clients. If you want to go cheaper, have a large number of used espresso machine.

Service of espresso machines Espresso Planet for many years been cooperating with a number of clients, solving all their problems as far as the aforementioned apparatus. Our service technicians are well-versed in his craft, professional ptihvataju every challenge and meticulously deal with it as soon as possible. His previous experience is complemented by following the latest developments in the field of espresso machines, in other words, we are ready for all challenges.

Espresso Planet offers its clients the following services:

- Depuration
- Cleaning Group
- Replacement of rubber
- Replacement screens
- Tweaking granulation and grammage

Repair espresso appliance Espresso Planet provides "technical assistance" to their customers. If necessary, we will solve the problems together with the client, with satisfaction. There are situations in the event where the client is not able to understand the message from the screen espresso machines, then you do not know how to handle the same, in such situations, you can use a technical support service Espresso Planet.