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Serbian Association for Psycho-Oncology (SAPO) was established in October 2007 at the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia. SAPO was founded on the model of similar associations in the region and developed countries of Europe and the world, with the aim to provide only psychological support and psychotherapeutic support for people of different ages who are suffering from various malignancies and their families, throughout all stages of the demanding oncological treatment. SAPO is with the Ministry of Health of Serbia, signed the agreement on implementation and financing and implementing the national program "Serbia against cancer - psychological support line - National Phone intended for providing psychological support to people who are suffering from advanced, malignant diseases, and their families. " Republic Institute for health insurance to us in space as part of their grant transferred office in which telephone lines are located and where the project will be implemented. Taking into account the epidemiological data that the number of newly infected patients of various malignancies, increasing every year and the latest data from around 32,000 cancer patients each year in Serbia, it is clear why the project line psychological support - dedicated to providing national telephone psychological support for people suffering from advanced, malignant diseases and their families, a necessary, important and significant.