Hygiene Belgrade

Address: 109 Mira Popare st., Cukarica (Banovo brdo, Zarkovo, Golf, Julino brdo...)
Belgrade Phone: 011/357-33-26, 061/220-33-30, 064/2233-434, 069/234-03-45

4.5/ 5stars

Agency Brillian specializes in professional cleaning and hygiene maintenance for interiors and exteriors of residential and business objects. (Banovo hill, Zarkovo, Golf, Julino hill)

Through constant education of our employees we apply the most efficient cleaning methods in order to provide you the best quality cleaning services, flawless cleanliness and beauty of your areas.

We utilize modern machinery in our work as well as eco-friendly high quality products which not only disinfect the cleaned areas but also make it smell beautifully.

Brilliant agency offers you a broad array of services:

Cleaning and maintenance (residential or business, general or regular)
Cleaning upholstered furniture (in-depth cleaning of all upholstery)
Cleaning leather and eco-leather furniture (cleaning and protection of all kinds and colors of furniture)
Cleaning and protection for rugs (machine cleaning of large surface carpets for companies)
Cleaning and protection of hard floors (machine cleaning and polishing of large marble surfaces, granite, terrazzo, ceramics)
Cleaning and protection of vehicles (full eco cleaning and protection inside and out)
Paper miscellany (toilet paper, hand towels)


Feel free to contact us for all information and details.
Phone: 011/357-33-26, 061/220-33-30, 064/2233-434, 069/234-03-45