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Institute Mihajlo Pupin - PIEZOTEHNOLOGIJA the manufacturer of piezoelectric and magnetic components.

Medical Magnets Mihajlo Pupin Institute, type "AKMA" clinically tested and meet all medical norms and standards for the stimulation of human biological material (tissue of man).

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The benefits of acupuncture and acupressure magnetic stimulation with "AKMA" are the following:
• The procedure is non-invasive
• applicability is possible in hospital, outpatient and field conditions
• During operation of this field is not diminished life and working ability of the patient, ie. one is able to usual activities,
• There is no need for a separate power source (not required charging power supply)
• Do not disturb threatens the health or life of the patient
• under the influence of magnetic stimulation shortens the treatment time


Magnetoplag the health of aid for mild and prolonged stimulation of the rectal (anal region) with problems caused by hemorrhoids (sneaking).
The product has the CE certificate.
MAGNETIC SYSTEMS Type "MagMax" magnet "AKMA" are made for specific purposes and the needs of patients in the field of physical medicine with the aim of stimulating tissue (raising metabolism) and elimination of pain, in indications such as:

• Rheumatism, Sciatica, Spondylosis,
• Osteoporosis
• Sprains, fractures and cracks extremities
• All types of pain
• Lack of circulation
• Muscle spasm

Characteristics mikromagneti AKMA

AKMA is mikromagnetsko therapeutic tool for mild and long-term surface stimulation of bioactive (acupuncture) points of the skin.

AKMA covers acupuncture points with its static concentrated magnetic field flux density at the surface of 60 mT (600 Gauss), width and depth effects depending on the size of the magnet (at a depth of 5 to 20mm and the diameter of 8 to 35mm).
Mikromagneti "AKMA" are produced in three diameter sizes: 3, 6, and 12mm.
By stimulating the nerve receptors in skin using AKMA initiate the reflex neuro-humoral mechanisms and the physiological way prejudice the establishment of disturbed functions. Mikromagneti AKMA has a double effect: acupressure and magnetic fields.

Application: chronic pain, sciatic, rheumatism, high blood pressure, migraine, cold feet, impotence, swelling, pain in the neck, spondylosis ...