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We are "Majstori" Ltd.

We were established in 1994 as an independent trade shop, and within the next three years, we grew into a private company. We have 26 years of experience in furnishing spaces with curtains and curtain rods in a masterful way!

Our retail business involves collaboration with a large number of renowned architects and interior designers, with whom we have furnished many luxurious buildings, private houses, and business spaces throughout Serbia and the region. Our curtains and curtain rods adorn the homes of many public figures from the cultural and public spheres, as well as numerous hotels and public institutions.

Simultaneously, we have also developed through the wholesale of curtain rods, in collaboration with other masters who make curtains. From the very beginning, we have been direct importers of curtain rods from the globally recognized brand FOREST (Netherlands). Good cooperation with others is certainly supported by a rich, permanent stock of different types of made-to-measure curtain rods. We are proud to be among the first in Belgrade to offer curtain rods with a pull mechanism in our product range.

Furnishing with curtains, decorative fabrics, and curtain rods is an important element in shaping your space. For us, your wishes and needs come first. The selection of the type of curtain rods, the method of installation, and sewing of curtains, while achieving maximum fabric efficiency and cost-effectiveness, require the engagement of professionals. Our service includes a free visit for site inspection and measurement, design, assistance in fabric selection, and complete implementation of the agreed solution. Years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients speak best about our standards, the dedication with which we approach our work, and the success of our solutions.

We are a small and unpretentious company that has earned a good name by nurturing impeccable product quality and workmanship, friendliness, and reasonable prices – and above all, by adhering to the highest aesthetic standards.



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