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Interior decoration Belgrade
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Glass is not cold, it gives warmth to the space in which we live and work.

Different modes of treatment (sandblasting, bending, painting, painting, fusion) from it we can make paintings, lamps, jewelry, bowls, mirror frames and photographs, tables, decorate the cupboards, kitchen fronts ... This may be unique, depending of the techniques that they are working.

In "Sofia" in addition to ordinary glass (all kinds of glass, drilling, grinding, bending, sandblasting framing) we make unique objects and glass for various applications.

In addition we also work with decorative foil, sandblasting- usually in colour. We have a number of motives, but it can be done according to your idea.

Toys made of wood, healthy for children of all ages with a certificate of safety from the Institute "Batut" Belgrade.

Fusion: fusion of glasses of different shapes and colors in a kiln at high temperatures. After the merge process can be further brighten the color sandblasting, bending, stained stretchers ... nice decoration for doors, partitions, kitchen cabinets, windows. Decorate homes, offices, restaurants ...

Foil: use them as a substitute for sand blasting where you can do the same design as the sandblasting. The benefit is that they can be done in already installed glass surfaces. And we are working with foil and color, combine them with sandblasting, sandblasted surfaces can be tinted, and stripping gives you a whole new glass surface.

Mirrors: In addition to traditional processed mirror and those with frames, we have a very interesting mirror decorated with frames which are produced in fusion technique. Of various shapes and sizes, we work on order so you can choose what suits you. Can be finished by sandblasting, painting, stained glass fillet ...

They make for very beautiful space decoration and are a gift that lasts much longer than a bouquet of flowers.

Sanding and sanding color: Everybody knows the technique of blasting by different motives, but we also benefit - blasting in color! Working in pastel shades and combinations of possibilities are enormous .. It is very decorative and can be customized to your taste.

Lamps: We play fusion technique, and conventional sandblasting in colour. They can be painted in vivid colors as well as discrete, pastel ones. The glass can be bent in different sizes and shapes and can be adapted to the area in which you live and work. Give a warm light and the tone throughout your environment. They are completely made of glass (their bases too), and in the shapes and colors and you can propose.

Jewelry and bowls:-made fusion technique, unique of different types of glass in all shapes and colors. We make them in hand made molds so no two pieces. You can make a nice gift to yourself and others. Choose something nice, durable, unique, and just looks like you.

Tables: Coffee tables look good in any space, especially since you can choose the shape and color are you like the most. They are made of glass that was sandblasted, tinted, curved ... If you have your personal stamp logo, initials or your favorite motif we can use it. In combination with mirrors and lamps give a whole new dimension to the space.