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Internal medicine Belgrade
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Our special hospital for internal medicine has been in business with great success since the year 2003. 

The special hospital for internal medicine RADIUS dr Svetozarevic was founded for the protection and advancement of health, treatment and life quality of oncological and chronic internistic patients. This involves applying the latest medical and technical capabilities of treatment. 

The hospital provides all kinds of internal examinations, hospitalization for the sick and the elderly and palliative care and therapy for oncological patients, including pain therapy. 

The hospital’s work is organized via polyclinical services, daily hospital and stationary. 

The polyclinic service provides ambulance examinations as well as diagnostic and therapy procedures. 

The daily hospital is intended for working with people suffering from chronic and internistic health conditions, primarily oncology patients and the elderly. It also includes work and occupational therapy and conducting laboratory analyses as well as diagnostic and therapy procedures including chemotherapy. 

In the stationary part of the hospital, we provide accommodations, care and treatment for the patient in following categories: 

  • Oncology (patients suffering from malignant diseases);
  • Gerontology with extended care and treatment (the elderly suffering from chronic internistic diseases) 
  • Section for patients in terminal phases of illnesses (semi mobile and immobile patients)
  • Postoperative care and rehabilitation sector 

Thanks to our educated staff with rich professional experience, modern equipment and pharmacotherapy, we provide quality health support to patients in critical condition through continued monitoring and highest quality care to patients in late stages of diseases. 

All rooms (single or double) and all the apartments are air-conditioned and have their own phone lines and cable TV.