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Headquarters office: corner of 27 Zmaj Jovina street and Fruskogorska street, Zemun Summer of 1995, the year with a degree from goldsmiths craft we've continued the tradition of making jewelry: goldsmith named ZLATARA TANASKOVIC. The experience of old and seasoned craftsmen jewelry production is transferred to Goran Tanaskovic as young and talented man who wanted to maintain the spirit of the old goldsmith craft. In our goldsmiths who have the highest quality jewelry and handmade jewelry you can afford unusual. Ranging from engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, to chains and children's jewelry. These Belgrade - Zemun goldsmiths have friendly staff that will always solve your problem of gold. Visit us and see for yourself Wedding rings We all know what the rings mean, what they represent. Wedding rings are a symbol of the eternal connection between two souls, two bodies. They are the ones that make the most visible sign of love and therefore must be specific. Wedding ring on your hand reminds you of the presence of a loved one through thick and thin, so it is not to be set aside, but always worn on hand. A wedding ring is worn during your entire life so it must be comfortable, practical, quality, and this we can handle every day. In order to save a little, we must not sacrifice the quality of the wedding, but for the best. Since the diamond symbol of eternal love, it is especially important. With us you have the option of diamonds in a wedding band that will increase its value and provide even more valuable character. IMPORTANT NOTE All wedding rings are in yellow or white and yellow gold can be made in white gold, and some of them, and anatomical. Purchase Gold We purchase gold coins, broken gold, dental gold, white gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, 22k gold, 24k gold, gold 999 and 9k gold. When buying gold price is good, and the payment immediately. Call our phone numbers 011/373-1005 and 011/261-0077 or visit us in our actions: - Z. Zlatara R. Tanaka, Zmaj Jovina. 16 - corner of Zmaj Jovine 27 and Fruskogorski in Zemun Important note: buying gold will be made only by adult persons with ID. Wedding rings Every first step of your life starts with an engagement ring that dates back to ancient times. Sometimes he was just a wedding ring, and now a partner promising sign that the recent marriage and eternal love. Engagement ring should be gentle, subtle and different from other rings. Its a simple circular shape shows the love that never ends. It may be in different colors: white, yellow, the color combination, frosted, sandblasted, or enriched with precious or semiprecious stones, but must be refined and flavored. We hope to meet your every need in finding such a symbol of your eternal love.
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