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  • Bus: 17, 45, 73, 83, 84, 703, 704, 705, 706, 706E, 707

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Learning from the old masters in the jeweler’s trade Juvela, Goran Tanaskovic opened his jewelry shop Tanaskovic which has been successfully creating jewelry since 1995. With the goal of maintaining the spirit of that old trade, the goldsmithing jewelry shop Tanaskovic continues to develop their business and follows the market trends.

In addition to quality and work dedication, goldsmith Tanaskovic stands apart from others for its affordable prices, suitable for every customer no matter the material status.

Big selection of engagement rings and wedding rings

Goldsmith Tanaskovic offers a large selection of products, starting from exclusive to classical, traditional and other jewelry. These are all unique models, something for everyone’s taste. For all those who’d like to own something unique, the goldsmith provides a large selection of rings made of yellow and white gold. In addition to classical rings, our goldsmith offers a selection of engagement rings. Engagement rings, made from white and yellow gold, in different sizes are just a part of our production assortment at goldsmith Tanaskovic.

We would also like to highlight our wedding rings offer which are the universal way to express love. At our goldsmith jewelry shop you can find white and yellow gold wedding rings. We’d especially like to highlight our wedding rings by the German manufacturer Weidner with whom our jewelry store has a fruitful partnership.

In our offer we have lenti and cierre collection of diamond jewelry for newlyweds which is produced in Italy. Another part of our assortment are earrings and bracelets which also come in white and yellow gold. Our kind and helpful staff will help you select the model that best suits your style. Per our clients’ wishes, we can also hand-make certain parts of jewelry.

We purchase gold at beneficial prices

Our goldsmith jewelry also purchases your gold, gold coins, white gold and so on. When purchasing your gold we make sure that the prices are fair and paid immediately.

Our quality and kindness is passed on and lasting.