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Monday 06:30 - 18:00
Tuesday 06:30 - 18:00
Wednesday 06:30 - 18:00
Thursday 06:30 - 18:00
Friday 06:30 - 18:00
Saturday We are closed
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Useful information

“Decija palata” (Children's palace) is a preschool institution which grows and develops along with our kids. With a plan and program which includes both the psychological and physical development of our kids, our professional and carefully selected team works in small groups in order to promote the highest quality educational services. We are located in Vozdovac at 60 Zaplanjska street near the Stadion trade center.

Our institution is located in a fully furnished house about the size of 300m2 where children can spend time and socialize in a warm and cheerful atmosphere as they explore the world, experiment and enjoy the most dynamic and important period of their growing up – childhood. The yard consists of two parts – one covered and the other one outdoors. Spacious terraces also allow the little ones to spend time in fresh air during certain activities. The space in which the kids spend time is well-lit and pleasant, adjusted to the needs of children and safely and modernly equipped.

We have classrooms for preschool education, play rooms and rooms for additional activities as well as a resting room, kitchen and child-friendly toilets. Our establishment offers various didactic materials which suit various needs and interests of our little ones.

Our highly qualified educators and professional associates who have gained their knowledge and experience in our country and who continue to improve upon it not only within our offices but also in an international level. In our establishment we offer a nurturing and loving environment where we encourage progress and skill application.

By offering love, the sense of belonging and security we help children grow stronger and help prepare them for anything that life has in store for them. The family atmosphere and activities that we engage in every day help us develop the kids’ abilities, creativity, imagination, independence, progress, help them discover their hidden potential. Every child is a unique individual with different needs, different abilities and development characteristics and needs that type of approach.

It is our task to give children as many “tools” as possible to get to know the world that surrounds them and themselves. We teach them to recognize their qualities and capacities and believe in themselves. Along with their family we are a team who helps any child grow into the independent, confident, curious but above all happy version of themselves.

Within other activities the children will have the opportunity to develop creative abilities through our painting, sculpting, music, drawing, dancing and English lessons as well as to continue the proper development through our program “School of sport” which we realize in cooperation with the professional training of P.E.

The meals that we serve in our kindergarten are based on a healthy diet prepared in cooperation with our nutritionist, taking care of the nutritional needs of preschool aged children.

We believe that the best cooperation is achieved through good communication and this is how we encourage parents to be in touch with us, to participate in their child’s development, to give us suggestions and ideas on how to give their children the absolute best experience throughout their education.

Come visit us, we would love to enjoy your child’s growing up with you.

City subsidizing

Enlistment in our preschool “Decija palata” is done through city subsidizing issued by the related authorities. It means that the parents are paying the regular price that they would otherwise pay even if their child had enlisted in a public preschool institution while the city pays the remainder of our enlistment price. In order for subsidizing to be approved, you must issue all required documentation seeing how there are certain conditions that must be met.

The following types of parents have the right to compensation of the daycare costs for children in our preschool institution (called subsidizing in continuation of the text)
- Citizens of the Republic of Serbia
- Children who are registered in the territory of Belgrade
- We are ready and happy to help parents with the procedure which isn’t complicated at all.

Parents sign a CONTRACT with our preschool about admitting their child in our daycare or nursery according to the market conditions in which our Institution already works. The parents will pay for our services at the price agreed upon in the CONTRACT. The parent pays the full price for our services on the first day. Subsidizing request can be submitted to the organization unit for the City Management in Belgrade, the main authority for any works in the area of education and child protection in a unique form that they publish in their website or can be picked up in their offices or at our own offices at “Decija palata” preschool.

You should submit certain documentation with your request, the list of which can be obtained at our institution. Based on your submitted request, the committee in your organizational unit issues a decision that the parents can appeal.

After the initial documentation is submitted, parents and the preschool will be obliged to submit additional documentation in the end of every month, based on which the refunded – subsidized – amount is calculated to be returned to the parents.

The children who enlist to the preparatory preschool program starting 01.09.2017. can apply for subsidizing a part of the cost under those same conditions. The amount that is subsidized to the parent is the same as for other new preschoolers of the younger generations.

Subvention is paid from the budget of the city of Belgrade and will be deposited into the PERSONAL ACCOUNT OF THE PARENTS according to the rescript received by the parents for the previous month, with a confirmation document from the preschool about the child’s attendance during that month.

Any additional information can be obtained at:

- The preschool institution “Decija palata”
- The city management sector for education and child protection

Professional team and associates
The team at PU “Decija palata” (kindergarten and daycare) consists of: a psychologist, medical nurses – teachers in the nurseries, teachers in kindergarten groups, professional associates (speech therapist, pediatrician, pedagogue, P.E. teacher, professional associate for the English language, music teacher...) as well as the assisting technical staff.

Our team consists of highly qualified educators and professional associates who have gained their knowledge and experience in our country and continue to obtain it not only within our country but also on an international level. We offer a warm and nurturing environment that encourages application of obtained skills and experiences and progress.

The employees at the “Decija palata” preschool constantly progress both on a professional and personal level. In addition to the fact that we love our work and continue to practice it, we are always seeking to improve ourselves in order to do the best possible job. The world changes and advances and, in order to understand certain things, we must constantly explore, learn and advance ourselves. This is why at “Decija palata” we read, research, follow the happenings in our field, explore the internet and participate in professional gatherings, attend seminars, lectures,  education, workshops and also organize all of these events. In addition to the fact that we grow with every new advancement, we also give our kids the example on how nice it is to learn and work on themselves. Learning doesn’t end with school, we should learn and work on ourselves in every aspect of our lives.


Every day we provide psychological help for parents and children who attend our kindergarten as well as follow children’s growth and development.

Graduated psychologist and REBT psychotherapist under supervision Danica Maksimovic.


At our kindergarten we continue to regularly test the children’s speech development progress. Kindergarten-aged children are included in the speech therapy treatment based on the anamnestic information obtained from their parents and/or teachers which confirm the delay in the development of their speech and language. The speech therapy treatment is provided with parental supervision and agreement.


The pediatrician at our kindergarten is an experienced children’s physician who cooperates and has experience working at multiple kindergartens in Belgrade. Our children are examined at the kindergarten once a month or more frequently if needed with a written report. The systematic checkup is done once a year. The doctor provides consultation per agreement with the parents regarding their child’s actual condition, prevention and treatment of certain illnesses in children, as well as lectures and workshops about health issues that interest parents.


The goal of everyone, even the youngest child is to be included in all happenings in their lives and to actively participate in them. In order to satisfy this urge, they require certain psychological and physical abilities that must be developed. This development is easiest done through play which engages the child’s imagination and motor skills. The goal of recreation is the movement coordination through music and various musical rhythms.

It is well-known that the physical activities are important for every child’s health and further development. Since we are aware of the impact that sports have at the earliest childhood, at Decija palata we emphasize our sports program. Athletic activities are performed – whenever the weather allows it – in our yard through various fun, dynamic or free physical activity. We teach the children basics of sports and healthy ways of life. Through games and socializing, the children will become more active, will improve coordination and perfect their motor skills. With the obvious advantages to health that physical activity brings, the children will be able to also develop social and logic skills.

Through sports children will gain confidence and safety when it comes to making their own decisions, solving tasks that they haven’t encountered yet and which will teach them to activate various muscle groups, improve their body balance and coordination.

Cooperating with the experts from the little school of sports, we offer kids the opportunity to develop coordination, properly target their muscle development, enhance their agility and physical fitness. Our professional trainers follow well-organized plans to promote physical abilities starting at the age of 3. The trainers can evaluate the children’s potential for active sports and will be glad to help parents with orienting their child towards a sport in which they can achieve the best possible results.


We are aware how important musical development is in this age as well as the ability to use an instrument. Music helps children bond with each other and calms them, as well as emotionally benefiting their lives and making them a kinder person.  

We develop the musical sense through singing and playing. The children learn about rhythm, learn and adopt different vocals, recognize the tempo speed, the difference between soft, loud, high and low notes. Learning develops memory, confidence, creativity, punctuation as well as cultural development in every child.

It is highly noticeable that children harbor less aggression and other negative emotions with the influence of musical education. Through this activities and arrangements we develop a sense of belonging to the group with whom they play or create a feeling of tolerance and patience.

Musical education is aimed towards developing musical abilities, reproductive abilities and musicality as well as connection with other areas of education. Here we differentiate between several areas: listening, singing, playing and dance activities.


Enable your children to become a part of the world. One large advantage of learning English at a young age is that children are very fast language adopters. Children go through the English-learning program called “Cookie and friends” which is intended for preschool children aged 3 to school age. It comes in three levels: Starter, Cookie A and Cookie B. What sets it apart from others is a special methodology it applies.

This teaching method helps children create a routine and feel safer because they know what to expect. We introduce a schedule for activities that we follow in every lesson, each of which begins and ends with greeting songs while the main parts of the lesson come into two groups: circle time, which is when we listen to stories and learn new vocabulary and table time – when the children engage in one of the activities from the books.

The songs that can be found in the program are adapted to the melodies of well known children’s songs from the English language which facilitates their memorization.

In addition to a large number of standard posters, we also have a large interactive poster for one of the characters: Lulu the kangaroo. What makes it interactive is her pouch where we can hide cue cards with the pictures of new or already familiar words for the purpose of learning and revising them.

Why “Decija palata”?

Small children and big people...

Kindergarten “Decija palata” is a place where we grow, think, speak our first words, have our first crushes and our first big scientific discoveries. This is the place where we discover ourselves and our environment, whether we are big or small. Every day we build our small world where we play, watch and learn.

Through various activities, visits, workshops we offer many possibilities for children in order for them to show all of their potential and grow into independent individuals. With their example, through professional advancement, we show them that it’s fun to learn, but we also explore new techniques that would improve our educational work. By providing children with love and a sense of security, we allow them to gain confidence, become independent, learn about themselves and others. Welcome!

We invite you to discover a new world of imagination, fun and learning together as a part of a world that we have built together as a team.

By offering love, sense of belonging and security and activities we encourage development of various children’s abilities, we grow happy, develop motor skills and play.


- The children’s palace is a kindergarten where we develop a positive relationship towards obligations, learning, friends, teachers...
- The employees and our professional associates have years of experience.
- We make adaptation swift and easy
- At the “Decija palata” kindergarten we nurture a positive environment for growing up
- Children feel care-free and accepted
- We respect the children’s right to individuality
- We encourage every-day, open communication and cooperation with parents.
- The children, teachers and parents leave the kindergarten with a smile, happy and satisfied, remember it and love it forever.