Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: Bulevar Oslobodjenja 142-144, Banjica (ex. Bulevar JNA)
Belgrade Phone: 011/266-5461, 390-7244, 063/769-3977
Website: www.vrticpuz.com

4/ 5stars

Let's grow in Puz kindergarten

Dear parents, in the pleasant and warm ambience of Puz kindergarten your child will achieve independence and self-confidence through play and fun; they will learn to speak English, dance, sing and act; they will do exercises for development and correction of feet and spinal column. 130 square meter space. Small groups for children aging from 16 months to 7 years. Working hours 7AM - 4PM (in the afternoon when needed). The kindergarten is open throughout the year. Constant supervision by a pediatrician and a speech therapist. We can take children to and from prep schools.

We invite all the big and small princesses aged from 3 - 13 to come and take their first ballet steps in Puz Ballet Studio which is directed by a professor of ballet and member of the international theatre. In addition to the ballet steps you will learn to walk properly, improve your posture, be graceful and musicl, do preventive and corrective excercises for the feet and spine. Your moms, dads and grandparents can enjoy your recitals.
Unforgettable birthday celebrations in PUZ with games and dancing with professional instructors - animators. In agreement with you we can hire: professional actors to preform a play for your little guests, a magician, a clown, organize a costume party with knight, horsement and other interesting costumes.