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"Vodoinstalateri Beograd" team originated from the desire to offer the best possible plumbing services and we have succeeded in that.

We are available throughout Belgrade and the surrounding area 24hrs all year round. At any time our resident plumber is available and ready to come to your address at the agreed upon time in order to efficiently resolve your plumbing issues.

In the event that you need urgent plumbing services of any kind, our emergency intervention team is there 365 days a year even on national or religious holidays - nonstop. In case of emergencies we will be at your location in the shortest possible time (15-30-45 minutes depending on traffic)

We would like to note that you can also schedule interventions up to several days in advance.

We perform all our services professionally and with care, with receipts and a guarantee on all our works.

We would like to highlight some of our services:

- Unclogging piping (vertical, horizontal, toilets, sinks, bath tubs and shower cabins, drains, kitchen sinks etc.)
- Maintaining installations (waterworks and sewage)
- Installation repairs (waterworks and sewage)
- Boiler servicing (setup, deconstruction, regular servicing)
- Installing and replacing sanitation
- Adapting bathroom and kitchen
- Replacing and setup of all valves
- Replacing and setup of all siphons
- Examining pipes via camera
- Detecting leakages
- Small repairs and replacements in bathrooms and kitchens

You can see the entire list of our services at our website -  plumbing services Belgrade  .

Our team consists of quality plumbers who approach their work with professionalism. Our colleagues have decades of experience in the plumbing business that they improve upon every day.


In addition to individuals we also cooperate with businesses. Our current and future associates can expect professional and fair services from us.

Any company managers who would like to cooperate with us can contact us.