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Laser dermatology Belgrade
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Leave your beauty in the hands of professionals. Settle only for the best.
Dr Nevena Rafailovic

Hyaluronic fillers
Nutritionist advice
Professional cosmetic treatments of the face and body
Chemical peeling
Relax and anti-cellulite massages
Life coaching
Specially designed packages of services.


Mesiotherapy  is a non-invasive techniques which improve the structure and quality of the skin and that can only be applied by a doctor who have been trained in this service. Mesiotherapy successfully treats:

-Acne and pigmentation scars
-Consequences of photo ageing
-Stretch marks and cellulite
-Hair growth in men and women

Mesiotherapy in Laeda aesthetic center can be done with:

- A needle
- Without a needle (ultrasound)
- Dermarollers
- Dermapen

The selection of the method as well as the optimal number of treatments is determined by the doctor based on a professional examination.

Lypolisis means injection of lypolic cocktails into the fat tissue. Active substances from the cocktail offers local destruction of fat cells. We should mention that this method is not replicement for removing the excess body weight with constructing body parts and removing the fat deposits that you can't lose with exercise or diets.

Hyaluronic fillers
- filling shallow and deep pores
- constructing and enlargement of lips
- face contouring
- cheekbone enlargement
- arm rejuvenation
- neck rejuvenation.

- forehead wrinkles
- glabela (between the eyebrows)
- area around the eyes (crow's feet)
- hyperhydrosis of the palms, feet soles and armpits.

Cosmetic treatments in our center means applying the latest apparatus and cosmetic products. At our center you can:
- Clean your face with an ultrasound spatula
- Microdermal abrasion
- Electroporation
- Professional facial treatmetns for all skin types
- Anti-cellulite, relax and partial massage

Chemical peeling
- Fruit acids (alpha and betahydroxy acids)
- Trichlorine acid

Acupuncture - practiced by a certified physician

- Antistress therapy
- Pain reduction therapy
- Body fat regulation treatments
- Smoke addiction removal treatments

Life coaching - by a psychologist and therapist
- Regulating body weight and changing lifestyles
- Solve life problems
- Support for women in pregnancy and after delivery
- Solving seual issues.

- Examination by a doctor with a mandatory lab report at least 3month old
- Measuring body weight, muscle mass percentage and fat tissue
- Volume measurement
- Calculating BMI and based metabolism
- Designing individual nutrition regiment, two control checkups