Laser dermatology Belgrade

Address: 33/5 Petra Mecave st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 065/3554-288, 011/3554-288

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Medical laster center thanks to a team of experienced experts offers services in:

- Dermatology - through removal of warts, papiloma and treating skin changes
- Physical medicine and rehabilitation
- Cosmetology - through the care of skin and body, treatment of elderly skin, photo facial rejuvenation, lifting, pilling, radiowave kolagenization
- Mesiotherapy - modern method for solving a large number of aesthetic and health problems. This way we can solve problems of the skin of the wide array of aesthetic medicine.

We use PRP in orthopedics gives excellent effect of codegenerative disease of aesthetic and kneecaps, back.
- Ultrasound cavitation
- Plasma therapy
- Sklerotherapy treats veins and capillaries with lots of success

We offer home treatment, care and rehabilitation services, shots, infusion, catethers and all other kinds of home care.

We are here to organize all kinds of consultation in medicine.