Laundries Belgrade

Address: 244a Ustanicka st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2888-228, 3478-642, 063/8860-063
Fax: 011/2887-604
E-mail: aleksandra.kalinic1@gmail.com

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-       Cleaning

-       Laundry room

-       Carpet cleaning

The laundry “Kalinic M” has for over 35 years provided high quality services for cleaning clothing and objects in Belgrade.

We offer dry cleaning, washing and ironing of clothing (both textile and leather), restaurant and hotel laundry, sheets, covers, carpets and floor surfaces.

In our process we use the highest quality, eco-friendly machines (Miele, Firbimatic, Ipso, Camptel, Wap Alto) and we also own special pressing rollers sized 1.8m to 3.0m.

Our salon is located in a comfortable area of 270 square meters, so the clean items never come into contact with the dirty ones. We also include packaging your items in bio-degradable foils.

We pick up and deliver your items. Picking up and returning your carpets is FREE.

Our company specializes in high quality maintenance of restaurant and hotel laundry which is proven by our cooperation with many Belgrade establishments such as:

-       Sava Center

-       Madera

-       Devetka

-       Ima dana

-       Rubin

-       Usce

-       “Kej” yachting club

-       Stara Hertzegovina

-       Banija

-       Lido

-       Tosin Bunar

-       Azzaro

-       Satelit

-       Palata Pravde

-       Pink

-       Vojvodina

-       Botanical garden and others


By producing recognizable quality for years we have gained the trust of many clients who are our best recommendation. The exceptional number of happy clients is our biggest motivation to carry on and improve. Our mission is to help you have fresh, clean and fragrant laundry every day of our life. We cooperate with many citizens and companies and anyone who needs high quality washing and carpet cleaning, as well as space cleaning services.

We hope you will also become one of our happy clients.