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Locksmiths shop Belgrade
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THE PAST: The Ristic family deals with metal elaboration since before WW II, and in Zemun in 1954 DJordje Ristic opened a shop in Bezanijska street, once the most famous workshop street. His son Nikola opened in 1967. in the same street a shop specialized in key manufacturing. The shop moves in 1981 to 22. October street no. 16, not far from Karadjordje square, the very entrance from Belgrade to Zemun. Today the shop is held by Ristic Pavle and employs 3 expert workers.
THE PRESENCE: Duplication of car keys is history. High precision of key cutting can\'t and doesn\'t have to be controlled by men anymore. Today it is done by computer guided machines. You can order keys from us by the card number that you get with a new vehicle or by the chassis number. The key by number, of any type, is manufactured right away. It should be known that a key manufactured by code is a entirely new key, while the copied, spent one, is as bad as the one that it is made of. Only a key manufactured by fabric measures is a good key.
If you have a problem with you car key, car lock, you lost your last key or locked the keys in the car, ask your local car dealer for help. We are sure that he will recommend us. Currently we give services to all authorized car dealers in our city and in cooperation with them we can surely provide you a key (or card) for almost any currently manufactured vehicle.
THE FUTURE Most keys and original remote commands we code today ourselves, but also for those in minority we can find a solution. The old boss said that there is no locksmith that knows everything and has everything the customers want. Our customers say that if we don?t have it, they wont look further. We will always try to maximally help.