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Marketing Belgrade
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Pyrotechnics shop in Banovo Brdo, in shopping mall STANKOM, SHOP NUMBER 3 TEL: 011/3059-106. Large assortment of pyrotechnics rockets, fireworks BOXES, THE ROMAN CANDLES, Torch, fireworks of any kind, AND MUCH MORE!
Kabas team members over the past 40 years, performed more than 2000 fireworks at various events, many special effects in 78 films, of which 12 co-productions and over 3000 commercials and music videos, a variety of special effects in more than 500 plays and over 3000 concerts. Members of the Association of Filmmakers of Serbia. Since 1975. was performed by fireworks and special effects for concerts, most local performers such as Bajaga, Bijelo Dugme, Riblja Corba, Lepa Brena, Ceca Raznatovic, Zdravko Colic and many others ... Was carried out by monitoring and special stage effects on the Metallica concert in Belgrade in 2006. years, and a concert by The Rolling Stones in Belgrade 2008. year. Since 1980. The work and pyrotechnic special effects for commercials and music videos.
Since 1990. The effects of fireworks performed at various concerts - celebrating the New Year in many Serbian cities (fireworks at the Temple of Saint Sava and in the Republic Square, fire falls from the Branko's Bridge), the anniversaries and other important dates of many foreign and domestic firms in Serbia, in many sports events and games (FINA Cup, the tenth anniversary of winning the Champions League title Red Star) and at various family gatherings. Some of the rare, professionally trained, involved in film special effects and stage pyrotechnics.
Realized by close cooperation with the stunt from Serbia, carried out unseen scenes of which is sometimes breathtaking. In such situations there is no place for the smallest mistake! At the competition stunts and deminers in Moscow received the first prize for their "Prometheus". Kabas has worked with many foreign film producers and actors of which is the most popular Harvey Keitel and of our directors with whom he worked, we can mention Dejan Zecevic, Goran Markovic, Gigi Karanović, Goran Paskaljevic ... Kusturica has worked with "Life is a Miracle. " From the theater director, had a successful relationship with Nikita Milivojevic, Kokan Mladenovic, Dejan Mijac ... For many years Kabasov team performs New Year's Eve fireworks in Belgrade with three locations: the City Assembly, the House of Trade Unions, the Army House of Serbia, and the last time they did, despite the Federal Assembly. The last four years working "New Year's Grand Parade" and decorate the stage competition Zvezde Granda! It all started from the first deminers old Yugoslavia - Dusan Zivkovic, from whom he learned the secrets Kabas this work, studied them for years, and still is the leader in this business!