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Metal products Belgrade
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Screw goods wholesale. Founded in 1992.  SAVE while buying.
In times of economic crisis GREAT SAVINGS CAN BE ACHIEVED THROUGH YOUR Supplies. If you are acquiring the best conditions. WE DO FOR YOU. We offer a complete range of Screw Goods made of steel, stainless steel and brass. OTHER THAN STANDARD CARE (WHITE OR YELLOW Zinc plating) we have to offer and Warm galvanized screws in Jūsų 1068 with nut and washers, AND JUS 1066 HV bolts in 10.9 quality, with certificates. STANDARD RANGE WOULD BE THE FOLLOWING: / OD M 2 - M 42 / 1st Machine screws with a hexagon head screw the whole and partial or JUS 1053 1051 the quality of 5.6, 8.8, 10.9 white galvanized 2nd Nuts JUS 1601, 1604, 1622 samokočive jus nuts, blind nuts JUS 1627, butterfly nuts JUS 1680 3rd Washers smooth and elastic JUS 2.011,2.110, toothed washers and wide JUS 2151 JUS 2014 washers 4th Threaded Rods 4.6,8.8,10.9 5th metal anchors
5th metal anchors 6th Extensions for threaded rods 7th JUS 1120 Allen screws in the quality 8.8,10.9,12.9 burnished or galvanized 8th Machine screws with cylindrical and flat head JUS 1.103,1.130,1.136,1.118 9th Chipboard Screws JUS 1515 10th Pop rivets Al, Fe, Cu, A2 11th Torban screws JUS 1171 12th Wood screws with šestoug.glavom JUS 1500 13th Screws for scaffolding in the set or separately 14th Metal Screws JUS 1466, JUS 1465 15th Samourezivi drill screw to DIN 7504, 7504n, 7504 p 16th AM spring with a hook, screw or nut for chandeliers 17th Auger anchors for plaster board 18th Fixings for plasterboard panels 19th steel nails 20th hook chandelier 21st Cable ties 22nd Holders of cables and cable clamps 23rd Typing with screw anchors 24th plastic anchors
25th Anchor screw and nut with a ring 26th hangar bolts 27th Anchors for livestock 28th Turbo bolts 29th Stretch cable 30th Spanners, the belt 31st Zinc and stainless steel clamps 32nd Anchor INSULATION 33rd HAND TOOLS MODECO 34th grinding 35th Electrode, drill Many years of experience we have gained WORKING THIS JOB IS YOUR GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION.