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Metallurgy Belgrade
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Monday 07:00 - 15:00
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At our warehouse you can find various kinds of materials needed for construction work: - Clay block, partition blocks, YTONG (siporeks) blocks, concrete block and polublok, bricks, roof bricks measure tile - Cement, lime, tile adhesive, glue for styrofoam, tar paper, bitulit, bitumen, condor, tervol, styrofoam and stirodur - Processed concrete bar specification (smooth, ribbed) wire mesh. - Range of timber, lumber, beams, baulks, beams, relays, OSB boards and plywood moisture resistant - Gypsum boards, fill and associated profile - Onduline covering table Also at reasonable prices you can also find locksmith supplies and products of ferrous metallurgy: - Square and rectangular profiles (boxes) of various sizes, pipes, - L profile, flahovi (cut and drawn), LPG carriers and INP - Annealed steel, - Sheets (cold rolled and hot rolled, dekapirani sheet), galvanized and coated sheets - Additional supplies, blades, electrodes, basic and final paint, locks, hinges machining, welding wire for CO2 etc. - Elements of wrought iron Online we have a polycarbonate (Lexan) Swiss manufacturer MAKROLUX various colors and thickness of 4 to 20mm. Panel dimensions are 2100x6000, bicameral, UV-protected for all goods have provided transportation by truck load 1.5tone agreement, 5, 10, 12 tons (lift) and 14.5 tonnes (tipping truck with crane) Working hours are from 7-16h weekdays, Saturdays from 7-15h


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