Mobile phones service Belgrade

Address: 118a/I Pozeska st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/2542-395, 065/426-6607

4/ 5stars

The company Mobile Planet sells equipment for mobile phones, mobile phone sales and servicing them. Requests parts for mobile phones are: batteries, covers, chargers, pvc film, car chargers, headphones, micro sd card ...

We perform servicing of mobile phones:

- Replacement glass / reparation, replacement lcd-a / screens, replacement touch screen
- Decoding, insertion Serbian language
- Repairs for water damaged phones
- Replacement headphones, microphones, connectors, charging ...

Warranty on each embedded part is 6 months (except for the screen-LCD)

Large selection of accessories for mobile phones: battery, charger, holster, pvc-foil, car chargers, headphones, micro sd card ...