Mobile phones Belgrade

Address: 151 Jurija Gagarina st., store 6, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/2157-197, 065/215-7197

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Mobile in GSM
mobile phone servicing and equipment distributer

There for 14 years in SC Pyramid

- Servicing of all kinds of mobile phones
- Purchase and sale
- Spare parts
- Servicing laptops
- Servicing desktop computers
- Camera servicing
- Improving quality and efficiency in most cases, on-site
- Decoding, insertion of the Serbian language, software
- Selling usb cables, batteries, cases, car and home chargers with warranty
- Replacing the old with the new, and can be made to order for a lower price
- Discounts for customers

Working hours: 09-20h, Saturdays from 9-16.
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