204a Bulevar despota Stefana st., Palilula
4 Stojana Protica st., Vracar
Wookah  Handmade in Poland, the Wookah collection of hookahs contain unique handmade stems, that utilize exotic european wood and high quality crystal glass. We offer three differ ...
8b Pere Velimirovica st., Stari Kosutnjak
10d Mije Kovacevica st., Palilula
Hookah club "Wood" in Belgrade can be found in the heart of Palilula at 10d Mije Kovacevia street near the Vuk Monument in a very attractive location in the city. Our cafe bar is t ...
22 Jug Bogdanova st., Savski venac
388 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., Zvezdara
181 Ratka Mitrovica st., Filmski grad
True Orient ambiance, the most authentic hookah bar in Belgrade. Every detail at our establishment is inspired by the East. We have the best selection of hookah: CLASSIC, AMY, AL ...
2b Ugrinovacka st., Zemun
11 Brankova (lokal 1) st., Savski venac // 17 Drinciceva (l ...
120b Dr Ivana Ribara st., Novi Beograd
39 Kraljice Natalije st.
4 Ljeska st., Banovo brdo
15 Igmanska st., Zvezdara
Opened in January 2012. It extends on 200m2. The unit comprises of two levels and a garden of 100m2. It includes a VIP section. Suitable for birthday parties and other events, sinc ...
167 Bulevar Mihajla Pupina st., Novi Beograd
52j Mirijevsko brdo st., Palilula
20b Ljubicka st., Vozdovac
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