Ophthalmology doctors office Belgrade

Address: 54 Milutina Milankovića st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/6140-097, 062/8228-617
Website: www.stefanovici.rs

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Ophthalmic Practice "Stefanovic" is situated in a Street Milutin 54, 2nd Floor, Flat 8, Novi Beograd.
In practice examinations performed by Prof. Dr. Ivan Stefanovic.

Domain services our ophthalmic surgeries include examinations and operations such as:
- A complete ophthalmic examination
- Ultrasonic examination of the eye and orbit
- ehobiometrija

- Review of fundus:
* Diabetic retinopathy
* High myopia
* Arterial hypertension
* Music and radiation field in vidnomm

- Laser (photocoagulation) retina
- Cataract surgery
- Surgery for retinal detachment, vitrectomy

- Determination of refractive error

Our main feature is a complete commitment to each patient

View our ophthalmic clinic can be scheduled by phone:
062/822 86 17,
011/6140097, for a period of 16 - 20h

Ophthalmic Practice "Stefanovic" Novi Beograd.