Optics Belgrade

Address: 2 Grge Andrijanovica st., Krnjaca // 4 Slobodana Jovanovica st., Visnjicka banja // 18 Diljska st., Karaburma
Belgrade Phone: 069/715-792, 011/2717-244 // 011/2758-320 // 069/2715-792

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Optician "Friends & Family" was founded in 2008 in Belgrade.

The eyewear shop "Friends & Family" offers free vision assessment and consultation with the ophthalmologist (which will give you all the necessary information about your eyesight and are happy to answer all of your questions), retail and installation of all types of prescription lenses, the world's largest brands.

Optics "Friends & Family" consists of three optician stores in the village Krnjaca, Visnjicka Banja and Karaburma. Purpose of our optics "one-stop shop" includes a diopter control, advice and sale of prescription glasses, frames, contact lenses, solutions for storage and training for the safe transportation and handling of optical products. Realization of making glasses and procurement lens is within the shortest possible period of time. Optical products (prescription frames and sunglasses) we offer a high quality, well-known and trusted brands, from a wide selection of renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers of optics, optics with which "Friends & Family" has traditionally good relations.

Soft contact lenses:

- Soft contact lenses of different time periods of use - daily, monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and annual
- Soft contact lenses, the latest generation of silicon hydrogel material that provides extended wear (several days) due to a large oxygen permeability
- Spherical, aspherical, toric and multifocal lenses
- Range of lenses offered by renowned manufacturers Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision, Hydron, cooper vision, ledasoft
- Selection and advice about taking an ornamental / of color lenses

Solutions for the maintenance of the lens:

- Detergents and preservatives for cleaning and storage of soft and semi-hard lens of American and European manufacturers
- Artificial tears necessary in patients with insufficient secretion of tears when wearing contact lenses
- Tablets for deep removal of protein deposits from contact lenses
- Cassettes and cosmetic sets for storing and carrying the lens

Prescription lenses and frames:

- Special thin plastic the new generation in all indices of 1.5, 1.56, 1.6, 1.67, 1.74.
- All the filters and the degree of protection in structure of glass / plastic or subsequently apply on demand
- Anti-reflective layer (layer that prevents light reflection refusing incoming-provides a clearer and more comfortable through the glasses)
- Antiscratch layer (plastic protection applied in the micron layer that prevents scratching)
- Hydrophobic coating (prevents fogging plastic temperature changes in warm and cold)
- Emi layer (protecting the eye from electromagnetic radiation when working with computers Electronic equipment and low-intensity radiation)
- Photo-sensitive plastics (brown / gray) last generation an exceptional degree of tanning and leveling in quick time interval depending on the amount of light to which it is exposed
- The latest generation of bifocal (two diopter proximity / distance) and multifocal-progressive (three diopter proximity / middle distance / distance) of plastic glasses
- Metallization of plastic and staining in color shade, color, and percentage of darkening optionally klijanata in the range of 5% to 75%
- Installation of prescription sunglasses in plastic frames in all variants of curvature glasses
- Spectacle frames for mounting optical devices (glass / plastic) manufacturers proven contemporary designs and superior quality
- All kinds and types of frame / metal, plastic, acetate / metal in the variants full-frame, full of plastic or acetate frame, frames for drilling, threading the professional or punctuation pressure-tipliranje.
- All frames are delivered to customers with original hard case, micro-fiber cloth and liquids for washing plastic glasses
- Customers are informed about ways of maintaining and keeping the frame in relation to the duration and conditions of validity of the guarantee on prescription barriers and glass
- Brands represented in the stores are carefully selected according to the experiential indicator of cost-effective: armani, Optolux, Renato Balestra, people, trussardi, Enrico Coveri, jecerson, gucci, tony morgan, enchant, Rocco Baroc, max, exess ...
- Spare parts (Flex, pedals, hinges, screws, dowels, handles ...) as well as the repair during the warranty period forms part of the provided optical srevisa that's available to you by purchasing products in our ophthalmic house