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Ocular house SPHERE has been successfully operating for 10 years, as evidenced by a large number of very satisfied customers. In our house you can find a selection of high quality optical frames available to each customer. We have manyl years of experience in making special glasses with high and high astigmatism diopters.

From our friendly staff you will get expert help in choosing dioptric frames, because the wrong choice can lessen your comfort and reduce the image quality up to 50% ..

GLASSES AND LENSES reputable manufacturers
Here you can find a large selection of high quality optical frames available to each customer, from the most ordinary to the exclusive models with the signature of world famous designers.

We offer the highest quality imported contact lenses on the market:
RGP (gas permeable lenses) - annual - spherical, asferna, toric, conical, multifocal,

SOFT (soft lenses) latest generation - silicon hydrgel, lenses for astigmatism, multifocal soft contact lenses, daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and lenses, contact lenses for extended wear (therapeutic), colored lenses that change the natural color of the eye (with or without diopters)

Rigid lenses (PMMA), as well as funds for the maintenance of all types of lenses tested quality.
Want to change the color of your eyes, we are here for you. Colored lenses with prescription lenses and color without vision.

With us you can buy glasses with the highest quality. Japanese and local licensing dioptric light organic plastic, thin glasses, photosensitive glasses latest generation VI. All prescription plastic and glass are available in a variety of indices (various thicknesses): 1.5, 1.56, 1.61, 1.67, 1.74, and with all the protective layers: HMC, Super Hi-Vision, Long Life, etc..
Also, there are even glasses with bifocal or progressive multifocal-glasses. There is also a program of prescription sun glasses and plastic, available in all colors.

- The widest selection of quality frames for vision correction
- Check out how you fit the latest models of eyewear collections for the coming season,
- Glasses of excellent quality, well-known manufacturers and contemporary designs

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Monday - Friday - 9:00 to 19:00
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Sunday we are closed.