Pediatrics Belgrade

Address: 36 Gundulicev venac st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3391-573, 064/2126-287

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- Working with healthy children (counseling)
- Monitoring growth and development
- Educating parents on their children’s general health
- Working with sick children
- Clinical examinations, diagnostics, therapy – both at the clinic and at home

The pediatrics ward is led by Mr. Sci. Med. Dr. Mirjana Tomanovic, a specialist in pediatrics and endocrinology. She is the owner of the clinic who has over 33 years of experience as a practicing physician. She graduated from medical school in 1983 in Belgrade, she specialized in pediatrics in 1993 and got her doctorate in 2001 after which she completed her endocrinology specialization in 2004.

The physical medicine and rehabilitation ward is led by Dr. Med. Milica Jekic, prim. This is where we monitor the physical and motor development of healthy children as well as children who are under various risk factor in this category.

- The endocrinology and rehabilitation ward is led by prof. dr. sci. med. Svetislav Necic – here we diagnose, monitor and treat endocrine gland diseases such as diabetes, thyroid gland problems, adrenal gland issues, under-development, pubescent disorders and other conditions

Prices of our services:

- Pediatric exam: 3,000rsd
- Checkups: 2,000rsd
- House calls: 5,000rsd
- Sub-specialist exam: 4,000rsd