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Pet salon, dog grooming Belgrade
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Open on Sundays Pet Friendly Wheelchair accessible Parking

Paws&Bubbles is a modern, fully equipped professional pet grooming salon where, thanks to certified and skilled groomers using top-quality, appropriate cosmetics, your dog is cared for with lots of love and attention, focusing on its appearance, hygiene, and health.

In addition to basic treatments, we also provide recommendations on essential tools you'll need to maintain your pet between our sessions, ensuring a shorter stay and lower cost. You can find us at 59 Sarajevska Street (backyard), next to the Army shop.

Dear pet owners,
Today, dogs occupy a serious place within the family circle and become man's best friend. Grooming and hygiene care for dogs are based on the love between dog and man. Dog grooming isn't just about aesthetics but also hygiene, as a dog's coat can easily become tangled and dirty, with food residue sticking to it. Regular grooming provides your dog with a healthy and comfortable life.

If you want your dog to be well-groomed and beautiful, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Owners are always welcome to attend their pet's treatment if desired. If not, our surroundings offer several cafes, pastry shops, hair and beauty salons where you can spend your time while your dog is with us for grooming.

Our goal is not to rush your dog out of the salon as quickly as possible, but to dedicate as much time as necessary according to their temperament, coat type, condition, age, and desired appearance.

This approach ensures that your pet does not develop fear but rather enjoys a pleasant experience. We pay special attention to puppies as it has been shown that one bad experience can have lasting effects. You'll always be greeted by friendly and smiling staff at Paws&Bubbles pet grooming studio.

Services we offer include:

- Ultrasonic tartar removal without sedation or anesthesia
- Dog grooming
- Dog Spa Starfire’s Canine Care Line
- Dog bathing
- Dog blow-drying
- Dog furmination
- Dog dematting
- Ear and nail hygiene
- Intimate area grooming
- Advice on dog care and maintenance
- Parasite treatment for dogs

Your furry family member

The hairiest family member has become even hairier. Before they disappear into a forest of fur, take them to Paws&Bubbles pet grooming salon for a good haircut and bath.

You'll immediately notice your pet has ears, a tail, and even a nose.

At Paws&Bubbles pet grooming salon, they have experience with various dog breeds and their hairstyles, ensuring their new look will be fantastic. So grab your pet now and hurry for a bath and haircut.

At the salon, they'll pamper your pet from head to tail: cleaning their ears, trimming their nails, bathing, trimming, blow-drying...

Dogs, long-haired, loud, cheerful, all breeds are welcome. They'll look beautiful once groomed. And happier too, as all that fur surely bothers them. Plus, with these warmer days, it must be uncomfortable under all that coat. Spread the word to others in your pack; they might just need this. Give us a paw!