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Complete Dog Food | No grains | Ultra Premium | Good food for dogs and cats

Riddled dog food, cat food, NUTRIVET INSTINCT, grain, supplements, food for puppies, young dogs food, food for adult dogs, food for active dogs, food for older dogs - With Nutrivet Instinct grain-free food to your dog will no longer be needed hypoallergenic dog food.

New Instinct is a company in Belgrade, whose main activity is import and distribution of pet food and pet accessories.

INSTINCT ** Nutrivet the ultra premium food for dogs and cats free of wheat (grain free) that offers your pet a natural, balanced diet dictated by their genes. It is scientifically proven that the dog and the cat still share the DNA of the wolf and wild cat, so it is advisable that foods for dogs and cats do not contain grains because their body is not able to properly utilize the nutrients in them and throws most of them away in the form of feces. Grains can cause severe allergies in dogs and cats, as well as diseases of the digestive tract.

* Nutrivet INSTINCT - HIGH PROTEIN DERIVED FROM SOURCE highest quality meat.
* Imported from France, is strictly quality controlled.
* Unique recipe INSTINCT ensures our pets healthy immune composition, a long and healthy life.

* Our range of grain free dog food INSTINCT: ATLANTIC TEN FISH, REGIONAL MEAT FARMER, NUTRITIVE & HEALTH, GROWTH & Nutrients, Energy & NUTRITIONAL, Dietetic & CARE

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** Phone: +381 11 28 31 727, Mob. +381 63 873 51 71

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