Physical medicine Belgrade

Address: 57 Vodovodska st., Zarkovo
Belgrade Phone: 011/2509-135, fax. 2517-691
E-mail: valmedic@orion.rs
Website: www.valmedic.rs

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We began work as “Ordinacija Dr Ljiljana Jelaca” in 1995 led by Dr Ljiljana Jelaca, one of the first doctors from our country who worked in acupuncture and chiropractics as of 1982. in the Rheumatology Institute.

At our medical office we bring together Western medicine and the Eastern methods of treatment, the so called integrative medicine that can help any patient.

Our several decades of family tradition and knowledge is successfully applied in our patients’ treatment using the following methods:
- Classical physical therapy (ultrasound, laser, magnet, DDS, IFS, ES, TENS, electrophoresis of medication, individual exercise program)
- Chiropractic methods
- Mobilization of the soft neck tissue and shoulder belt according to Blackman and Pripp, the Japanese Yumeiho therapy, Chinese methods of aligning the spine, acupressure.
- Acupuncture
- Pharmacopuncture (infiltration of various kinds of medication for the purpose of pain reduction.
- TNM (the technique of applying special bands that decompress the skin, muscles, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage)

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