Pies, pie shops Belgrade

Address: 75 Kralja Petra st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 063/382-440, 065/828-88-57
E-mail: radagordictadic@gmail.com

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They say, "The best pies this side of Drina" ... We tried many, children, students, pensioners, some rockers, actors, vendors, some old
Belgrade's bohemian, a shoemaker from across the street.
They come, come every day.
Is salt the beef meat, minced drumstick, cheese, cabbage, potatoes and mushrooms or sweet cherry or apple.
We make baklava, Urmašice and kadaif.
Our shop smells of childhood, the old grandmother's kitchen, the right holiday table.
Every day.
Drop in King Peter and try part of our tradition.
If you prefer, we can also come to you.

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