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Pizzeria Golub is located in Belgrade at 202 Kralja Aleksandra Boulevard (formerly named Revolucije Boulevard). It was founded on 6th of May 1989, on the holiday "Djurdjevdan" in one of typical Belgrade pre-war houses. The restaurant Golub has since become the place for exclusive night outings but the color of its facade and the tucked-away feeling that makes our guests feel comfortable has kept the warmth and hospitality of old-town Belgrade homes. The restaurant can accommodate 50 guests. On the spring when the trees in the Boulevard get their leaves, the restaurant's garden (40 seats) becomes an oasis for pedestrians. They can rest here in the shade and enjoy Golub specialties.

The interior of pizzeria GOLUB was designed with love and care, to ensure that the guests can be comfortable and enjoy the discreet lighting.

Regulars have their favorite seats and those who are visiting for the first time will be pleasantly surprised with a warm welcome and a relaxing ambiance. Business people are happy to schedule their meetings at our restaurant because it's a peaceful environment with no noise, featuring pleasant music which is a good backdrop for productive dialogue.

Wine lovers will be completely satisfied with our offer. We feature the finest locally-produced wines as well as many carefully selected foreign labels. Golub also provides catering services (and the service of organizing private celebrations per your request). The method of serving guests, dish selection and all details related to the client's special wishes can be arranged with the Golub pizzeria manager.

Pizza Golub, our house specialty, must be the spiciest selection in our pizza menu. Golub has always nurtured the exceptional quality of our dishes with carefully set high standards. The credits for the amazing flavors at Golub pizza certainly goes to our excellent kitchen chefs and staff as well as all the carefully regulated baking technology as well as special dishes for even baking. Imagination plays the key role in the creation of new and exciting items on the Golub Pizzeria menu. We combine various kinds of meats, fish, cheeses, clams and veggies, all of which you can order.

The lovers of gnocchi can enjoy this delicacy in various ways - with 4 cheeses, prosciutto or their sauce of choice. They won't make a mistake no matter what they choose.

Vegetarians can also choose from a diverse selection of menu items at Golub so that makes us the ideal choice for anyone who has any special dieting needs - both in terms of flavor and diversity.

When was the last time you had good lasagna? The art of making lasagna is all about the careful selection of pasta for this specialty but also the right type of cheese, quality sauce and the amount of it. Roasted chicken mignon is only one of many grill specialties we offer and we are just as skilled at making good barbecue as we are with dough. We highlight stuffed chicken breast, turkey fillet. In addition to steak, Weiner Schnitzel, Karadjordjeva or Paris schnitzel, the blue stripe and many other famous grill specialties, you can also order fish specialties. For entrees - the menu features squid salad or smoked salmon. Breaded squid or grilled squid are prepared to order as well as items such as shark or swordfish fillets (with almond sauce!).

The only square pizza in our menu is - Siciliana. It is a traditional Italian pizza that originated in Sicily.

Pizza Siciliana comes in 3 variants:
1. Ham, kashkaval cheese, mushrooms, olives, chili peppers and Njegus prosciutto
2. Minced meat, kashkaval cheese, mushrooms, olives, Njegus prosciutto
3. Kashkaval, mushrooms, olives, sour cream, corn, egg.

Siciliana is served on Sundays, 12PM - 7PM, during brunch time.

Brunch is the meal between breakfast and lunch which can substitute either and the price also includes a drink and dessert. Golub Brunch is great for the whole family. Not many restaurants can give you the same sense of intimacy and safety as Golub. The romantically set table with candles. The atmosphere of intimacy and privacy, of being tucked away and formal is supported by music in the background that allows for even quiet conversation while being perfectly understood.

Of course, there's a lot more needed for the perfect enjoyment, such as polite staff who will happily and discretely serve you and make you feel welcome!

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