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The "MKM" specialist otorhinolaryngologic clinic is an instituation which, thanks to its expertise and cutting edge equipment is able to perform almost all diagnostic and non-surgical therapy procedures as a clinical institution of the highest order.

In addition to that, we remain the only clinic in Serbia and surrounding countries who conducts research and treatment of the effects of acidity on ORL region and the lungs.

We offer examinations of ear, throat and nose
Flexible fiberendoscopy (

Specijalistička ordinacija za uvo, grlo i nos “MKM” je ustanova koja zbog stručnosti i aparata kojima raspolaže ima mogućnost sprovođenja gotovo svih dijagnostičkih i nehirurških terapijskih procedura kao i klinička ustanova najvišeg ranga.
Pri tome mi smo jedina ustanova koja se u Srbiji i okolnim zemljama bavi ispitivanjem i lečenjem uticaja kiselosti na oboljenja ORL regije i pluća.

Pregledi uva, grla i nosa
Fleksibilna fiberendoskopija (epipharyngeal, hypopharynx, larynx and trachea)
24h pharyngo-esophageal pH-metry
Hearing examination
Tipanometry with reflexometry
Balance testing (air kalorimetry)
Allergy testing
Surgical interventions
Hearing aides

At our ORL office we offer classic examinations as well as highly sophisticated exams using a thin and flexible fiber endoscope which painlessly and comfortably offers an in-depth look into the hidden parts of ORL regions. We also can do a 'screening' of your trachea and bronchi with a local anesthesia and all of the results are available both digitally and as a hard copy (on paper/photos).

This allows the patient to own a solid proof of their results as well as to see them with their own eyes. This is how we scan the third tonsil in children and make a valid decision on further treatment.

The MKM specalist otorhinolaryngologic clinic offers 24h pharyngo-esophageal pH-metry, audiometry, tipanometry, reflexometry, complete balance examination, minor surgical interventions, inhalations, swift blood results, laboratory analysis, injection therapy, allergy testing, aspirations and other types of analysis.

We have over 10 years of experience working with children with ear infections, inflammations, laboured breathing through the nose, coughing and other conditions. All types of examination we offer can also be done on children.

ORL "MKM" medical cinic sells high quality digital hearing aides from ReSound brand, which is one of the finest hearing aides brands in the world and includes servicing and replacement expendable materials.


Our institution occupies a space of 150m2 and includes:
A waiting area
Otoneurological section
Operating room
Luxurious apartment for stationary patients
Doctor's room and library.

Prim. Mr Sci. Med. Dr Marianne Vidojević

A specialist in otorhinolaryngology, aesthetic medical practitioner, magistrate in medicine, primarius. Completed Medical University in Belgrade in 1995 with the average grade 9.39 and a graduation grade of 10.

In 1997 she joined KBC Zemun where she finished her internship in otorhinolaringology with a mandatory one year of service in KSC Institute for the ear, throat and nose. She finished her specialization in 2001 with a grade 5 on her final exam.

During her specialization in Netherlands, she acquired an interest in reflux deseases in otorhinolaryngology. After obtaining sophisticated equipment for diagnosing this condition, she began to intensively engage in this field. In 2003 she defends her thesis in the Medical University in Belgrade titled


Tokom svojih odlazaka na usavršavanje u Holandiji stekla je interesovanje za oblast refluksne bolesti u otorinolaringologiji. Nakon nabavke sofisticirane opreme za dijagnostiku ovog oboljenja počinje intenzivno da se bavi ovom oblašću i 2003. na Medicinskom Fakultetu Univerziteta u Beogradu brani magistarsku tezu pod nazivom «The frequency of laryngo-pharyngeal reflux any chronic inflammatory conditions and malignant diseases of the larynx and pharynx» after which she obtains the academic title of Magister of Medicine.

Based on the results achieved in sciences, the Serbian Ministry of Health awards her with a title of Primarius in year 2013.

She is a member of the European Rhinological Asociation, Intrameric asociation of pediatric otorhinolaringology, Otologist Active, the Neurotologists of Serbia and the first private practitioner in the history of Otorhinolaryngologists who made it into the ORL association of Serbia presidency.

She also deals in other fields of ORL such as children's pathology, audiovestibulology and others.

In order for our patients to be diagnosed and treated in the most modern ways, we regularly visit global and European congresses, symposiums, courses and other gatherings from which all our doctors have numerous certificates.

Since year 2008 she intesively deals in aesthetic medicine, is trained to apply all surgical aesthetic methods for correction and rejuvenation. Filler, aesthetic botox, sweating control. One of the first practitioners in Serbia who applied PRP (GF) and cPRP, chemical peeling, mesotherapy, lypolisis and microdermoabrasion, lypotrasfer, mesonites and other techniques. In ORL specialisation she performs minor surgical and aesthetic procedures in cooperation with an aesthetic surgeon.

Aesthetic medicine
In specialist medical clinic "MKM" we also do aesthetic medical procedures.

Aesthetic medicine is a collection of methods, techniques and products used for the goal of rejuvenation and appearance correction.

Due to the specific and delicate nature of the procedures it is vital that they are performed by a specialist who has an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, histology, pathology and patophysiology.

Aesthetic treatments we offer at "MKM" medical clinics include:

Reduction or removal of wrinkles (face, neck, chest)
Restoring cheekbone, cheek and hand volume
Enlargement, reshaping or rejuvenation of the lips
Treatments for rejuvenation, tightening and smoothing, hydration, gloss and smoothness of the skin, evening out complexion of not only the face, neck and chest but also the hands.
Reduction in sweating in armpits, hands and feet, lypolisis
Removal of the skin, face and neck papyloma

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