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Printer service Belgrade
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1. Refilling (recycling) of cartridges for all inkjet printers, by expertly trained staff. Usage of quality American InkJet colors and thorough preparing of cartridges for refilling with a special ultrasound cleaning procedure with the use of special cleaning fluids, guarantee uncompromised quality of the entire service with extremely favorable prices. 2. Sale of sets for independent refilling of all inkjet cartridge types, which apart from the American InkJet inks for your printer also offer the entire necessary equipment and adequate manual in Serbian, for those who like more the do it yourself approach to the problem and refill their cartridges themselves. 3. Toner recycling for all color and monochromatic (black and white) printers 4. Sale of repaired laser toners which apart from the standard refill includes, for every PERFECT laser toner, a complete change of all aged bits with totally new, unused ones, made by the famous American manufacturer Summit Technologies. 5. Sale of new original cartridges for inkjet and laser printers at most favorable prices in the city. 6. Sale of all kinds of expandable material (paper, CD/DVD discs...). For every inkjet printer apart from the usual papers, here you can buy more exotic media like for example t-shirt mappers, canvas, paper, foils, all sized stickers, photo glossy paper... 7. Sale of large (bulk) packages of ink from the American InkJet Corporation. As authorized distributors for this world famous corporation, we offer over 50 different ink types that cover the entire palette of inkjet printers on our market, in packages sized from 250ml to 20l. Working hours: Workdays: 09-19h, Saturday: 10-15h. By working on three very attractive locations in the city, COMPJET is always the best neighbor for your printer, no matter what printer you have, HP, CANON, LEXMARK, EPSON, APOLLO, SAMSUNG, MINOLTA, OLIVETTI, XEROX, BROTHER, RICOH...


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