Printer service Belgrade

Address: 147/6 Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra st
Belgrade Phone: 011/2403-693

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GRAFO DIN COMMERCE is firm dealing with service activities of maintenance and printers service and other bureau equipment. Among others we set aside:
Recycling of laser toner cassettes for HP, LEXMARK, SAMSUNG, EPSON and XEROX printers. Recycling of color toners and toners with chips. Recycling with procedure TECHNOLOGICAL REGENERATION that means replacing used parts with new ones, cleaning exhaust tanks and all other cassette parts, filling with ultra fine toner by specification, packaging into hermetic closed bag, packing into protection cardboard box with label fro appropriate cassette model. Guarantee is until toner is worn-out and not later than two years. GRADO DIN COMMERCE offers toners for supplement laser cassettes as well as cylinders, cleaners, seal tapes and other spare parts for laser toner cassettes.
MACHINE supplement of ink jet cartridge with most quality ink. Supplement procedure check correctness, cleaning cartridge and machine filling on maximum capacity. At the end cartridge is measuring and trying.
Service of all printer types and models and service. Within service we have spare parts sale for HP and EPSON printers Sale of new original laser toners and ink jet cartridges, and toners for HP laser printers DECOM. We sale ribbon and paper.