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Graphic design studio and printing house "Milošević Print" offers its clients all types of services at best prices and with top quality.

Find us in Belgrade where we can offer you all services related to printing and graphic design, but also consultations and advice before we arrange the service.

Our selection of services includes the following:

Large format printing, as follows:

- Banners - printing and editing

- Vehicles, shop windows, walls - branding

- Canvas canvas - print

- Advertising signs and boards

Printing small formats such as: brochures, business cards, envelopes, price lists, flyers, calendars, blocks and the like.

UV printing on lighters, pencils, surfaces such as plastic or forex, etc.

CNC Cutting (curvilinear and rectilinear) of forex, styrofoam or wings

Printing on textiles such as uniforms, T-shirts, bags, etc.

Our main goal in every task is to make the best use of all the material and save our clients money and time, while also offering them advice and information in order to achieve the best possible solution.

Thanks to years of experience and continuous innovation of techniques, technology and materials we use, we certainly perform each task in the most professional way and within the agreed time with a guarantee of quality.

Before concluding a project agreement, we always offer clients all the necessary information and inform them about the different options, and then together with them we find the best solution and calculate the costs.

Call us or visit us in Belgrade - with the Milošević Print printing house, the digital world is open for you.

We also offer an online ordering service, so visit our website!