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Digital printing in self-adhering PVC foil is the most common kind of large format printing. Application of this kind of press is unlimited: the prints can be stuck to acrylic, lexan, galvanized, forex, glass, car wall, and any other dry and dust free surface. The quality of the press we offer is photorealistic resolution that depends on the quality of preparation. The printing depending on application can be done in shiny or mat foil. The mat foils are most often used in commercials that are lit up by reflection and because of reflection of light. With us you can order digital printing on PVC surfaces in any dimension.

Banner - material (tarpauline) used for exterior or interior branding. Digital printing of tarpauline materials has a wide application and branding fences, it can be connected to large formats using electrostatic welding of material. The spread of rolls that are digitally printed is 1.6, 2.5, 3.2 m x 50m.

We produce from 1,5mm to 10mm thickness in seethrough and colored variants. It is good for exterior and interior usage. Ideal for illuminated surfaces of light advertisements. It is available in different dimensions and we can bend, cut and shape them.

PVC foam
PVC foam or FOREX is a bendy material good for both exterior and interior use. It is resistant to breaking and available in various variants from 1mm to 1cm. The forex table dimensions are 202x305cm. It is ideal for exterior and interior info boards, advertisement surfaces, decoration.

Leksan is light material that can be 6mm to 14mm thick
Its structure increases its capacity
We can use them for semi-circular forms and large elements
Visual communication. It is good for interior and exterior usage, resistance to moisture.

Cardboard foam
The popular name for it is KAPA. It is a light material, thickness from 1cm and 4cm it is sensitive to moisture. It is ideal for interior visual communication. The dimension of the boards we always have on offer is 100x140cm (bigger if needed)

This is a polyethylene material suited for POS materials and for visual communication. It can be seethrough, non seethrough or opaque. It is resistant to breaking.

We sell and rent promo pults with print that include full color on PVC foil which is adjusted for exterior and interior use. If needed you can change only the print and the construction can be changed for various promotions. Also you can order promo pults without the printing.

Production, projection and branding fair stands
For a great fair or promotional performance and your best presentation in fairs and presentations our team will meet you halfway with ideas, projecting and 3d projection.

3d letters
The advertisements made of styrofoam are resistant to exterior condition (sun, wind, rain, snow) and are easy to maintain. They can be glossy or mat.
Roll-up and backwalls are irreplacable are irreplacable in indoor advertisements on fairs, shows, concerts. They are very easily folded and are handy for transport. Also they can be reused because changing print is swift and easy.

They can be set up on any surface (glass, wood, plastics, wall, brick...)