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Psychiatrists Belgrade
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Are you upset after a traumatic event?

Are you upset, but you don't know why?

Are you frequently upset in certain, specific situations?

Do people around you notice that you have excess energy and heightened carefree mood without reason?

Do you oscillate between extreme mood highs and lows?

Do you often experience a drop in energy, will, interest and mood?

Do you have trouble communicating with others?

Have you or your family noticed any disorder in your perception of reality.

If you answered positively to any of these questions, please call us so that we can work together to overcome it.

Dr Maja Cindric, specialist neuropsychiatrist

I graduated from the medical University in Belgrade. I have had decades of clinical experience working with all categories of patients and their family members at the mental health Institute in Palmoticeva street in Belgrade.

The emphasis of my wok with patients is on offering dynamically oriented psychotherapy with the inclusion of modern pharmacotherapy. I also have years of experience guiding group therapy which I studied for alongside prof. Dr Tomislav Sedmak with whom I cooperated for a long number of years as well as prof Dr Marko Munjize and prof Dr Branko Coric.

My main specialty is working with post traumatic stress disorder patients, generalized anxiety disorders, bipolar affective disorders, all kinds of depression episodes with all kinds of affect disorders, psychotic disorder.