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Address: 33 Strahinjica Bana st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 011/263-19-19, 064/20-700-21
E-mail: milicak442@gmail.com

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Owner and founder Dr. Milica Kosanović. In 1987 finished her specialization in neuropsychiatry at the Medical University of Belgrade Until 1997 she worked at MHI in Belgrade at the Department of Clinical Neurophysiology and Psychophysiology From 1997 to 2002 she has worked in Norway at the Psychiatric University Hospital in Bergen Regional. 2002nd authorizing the titles specialist psychiatrist in accordance with the regulations applicable Norwegian Medical Association for the territory of the European Union. During his stay in Bergen education in cognitive-behavioral therapy From 2002. The work in private psychiatric practice, which is from 2006. The current address is on Field of work practice are diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders as applied to individual and couple therapy. Narrower field of work: Anxiety disorders - generalized anxiety, panic disorders, phobias Obsessive compulsive disorders psychosomatic disorders Affective disorders - depression Therapeutic methods: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy short Examinations are scheduled by phone Opening hours: 10-18h weekdays, Saturday 10-14h. home visits