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Psychotherapists, psychotherapy Belgrade
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I am Pavlovic Branislava, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with the national certificate for psychotherapy and our own counseling office in the center of Belgrade. For 15 years I worked as a clinical psychologist at Vracar health center, where I gained a wealth of experience working with children, youths and adults. I apply the systematic family approach in the individual, partnership-based and family work with clients.
I help my clients to solve and overcome various life problems such as anxiety, depression, fears, partnership and problems in family relations, parenting and development problems, stress and work-related problems.
For my clients I have designed the so-called “Walk&Talk” therapy. Instead of coming to my counseling office, you can dress comfortably and we can go on a walk in nature together, talking along the way.
Individual conversations last for about 50 minutes while marriage and family therapy last an hour and a half.
Psychotherapy services:

- Individual psychotherapy 4,000rsd
- Romantic partners / Family psychotherapy 6,500rsd
- Children’s psychologist/development counseling 2,500rsd
- Skype psychotherapy 4,000rsd
- Walk&Talk therapy 6,000rsd
Psychological testing services (psychologist findings and opinions)
- Estimating work ability 5,000rsd
- MMSE score 5,000rsd
- Disability commission 10,000rsd
- Full psychological testing 10,000rsd
- Consulting with a neuropsychologist
- Consulting with a social worker
Pavlovic Branislava, a clinical psychologist and systematic, family therapist.