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Radiology Belgrade

Working hours

Monday 08:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 20:00
Thursday 08:00 - 02:00
Friday 08:00 - 20:00
Saturday 09:00 - 16:00
Sunday We are closed


  • Bus: 33, E9
  • Tram: 9, 10, 14

Additional Locations

Useful information


After years of work of our OrtoDent 3D Digital diagnostics center, a new OrtoDent Digital opened in Belgrade. It is an x-ray center for dental imaging located at 32 Vojvode Stepe street near the turnabout of “Autokomanda” which works with dental clinics and patients in Vozdovac and Savski Venac.  

With the help of modern technology, digital dental imaging at our x-ray center we get the most precise and highest quality dental imaging. In our modern x-ray center that follows the highest global standards you will meet our kind and qualified staff will have your image ready within minutes.

At our x-ray center you can have:

- Individual dental imaging
- Ortopan image
- Ortopan image with reduced radiation for children
- Temporomandibular joints
- Profile cefalogram
- PA cefalogram
- Paranasal cavities (sinuses)

You can also get your dental images on film, CD, via e-mail or download them from our OrtoDent CLOUD SERVER.

Digital ortopan is a radiology diagnostics method that allows for panoramic dental imaging for the upper and lower jaw, teeth, bones and soft tissues. It is used when an insight is needed into all of the teeth and their surrounding bone structure. Often it is done as an orientation image on first examination because it displays all of the teeth at the same time as well as their surrounding structures. It’s also used in instances where it’s more important to see the overall dental image rather than a detailed display of each tooth.

Unlike classical (analogue) dental imaging, this is a whole new technology of radiological dental imaging that allows us to get excellent quality imaging with the least possible radiation and exposure time.

Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 8AM – 8PM
Saturdays: 9AM – 4PM

Contact information:
Address: 32 Vojvode Stepe street, near Autokomanda turnabout
+381 11 396 24 00
Mobile: +381 63 846 50 59



OrtoDent Digital 3D also has other centers for dental imaging in the following locations:

- OrtoDent Digital 3D Zvezdara - Vracar (37 Vojvode Supljikca street)

- OrtoDent Digital 3D Stari Grad  - Palilula (21a Dzordza Vasingtona street )

-OrtoDent Digital 3D Novi Beograd - Zemun (22v Spanskih boraca street )

-OrtoDent Digital Pancevo (18a Oslobodjenja street)

- OrtoDent Digital 3D Cukarica - Rakovica (25  Blagoja Parovica street)


ORTODENT 3D DIGITAL Radiology Beograd
ORTODENT 3D DIGITAL Radiology Beograd
ORTODENT 3D DIGITAL Radiology Beograd
ORTODENT 3D DIGITAL Radiology Beograd
ORTODENT 3D DIGITAL Radiology Beograd
ORTODENT 3D DIGITAL Radiology Beograd