Rent a car Belgrade

Address: 10a Bulevar Mihajla Pupina st., YUBC, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 063/66-55-00

4/ 5stars

Many years of experience in the rent-a-car business has resulted in the creation of ALPHA (ALPHA) rent-a-car. Decent prices and good cars themselves are interesting enough. And if we tell you that we do not advertise anywhere and work only through satisfied customers continue to recommend us ...

Even our  internet offer is late because we simply don't have time to get it all ready. Over
10 years it did not happen even once that the client did not get the desired car or promised not to show up when we say that we will get there. With the agreement of the client we suggest a model fit for families with children wheelchair, for example, for two people for that length of time ...

Our certified auto repair shop is a guarantee of a well-maintained car regularly serviced as it should be, but also lifted many times to be cleaned or checked. We do not need that, if we think there's a problem, wait for an appointment for a few days in the car dealer. This is immediately solved.