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Useful information

The main activity of the PiK Group company in Belgrade is threefold:

- Professional doormats and industrial surface bases
- Modern line of fast hand driers  
- Traffic program

With the desire to offer you only the highest quality products, we have opted to cooperate with leading companies in this domain. We are the regional representatives of the Dutch company Notrax, who is one of the leaders in the domain of professional doormats, ergonomically safe bases and traffic program. In addition, we are the representatives for the territory of Serbia and other companies such as Nofer from Spain, AV Medical from Czech republic and so on.

Professional doormats at the entrance to your building are very useful because they prevent bringing in fine or coarse dirt and extend the life span of your floors. Also, the doormats also have a safety function due to their high absorption abilities, because they prevent slipping and falls on rainy or snowy days. If you also would like to enhance your workspace with highest quality doormats, the company PiK Group is the best address for you.

In accordance with your needs, you can select one of our professional doormats produced by the Dutch company “Notrax”

* Doormats for exterior use
* Doormats for interior use
* Printed doormats
* Aluminium and rubber doormats for installing or extending

PiK Group doormats are made using the highest quality materials that guarantees we will achieve the best results, regardless whether it comes to maintaining hygiene, protecting the floors, safety and security of your employees, guests or shoppers. All the doormats are adjusted to your needs and satisfy the highest standards. Thanks to the excellent product quality we have achieved a successful cooperation with a large number of clients, so our doormats now adorn many stores, hotels, kitchens, malls, business buildings and so on...

In addition to professional mats, the company Notrax also offer you ergonomical saftey mats. In this sense we offer you the following products:

* Ergonomic-safety mats
* Food factory and catering mats
* Hygiene mats
* Disinfection mats
* Anti-static mats
* Rubber mats

The company PiK Group Belgrade offers you another excellent product in our offer, which is the fast hand dryers by the Spanish company “Nofer”. These powerful hand driers are the ideal eco-dry solution because they don’t use heaters, but work through air movement at high speed, allowing for great energy saving.  

Our offer includes two very popular brands of hand driers:

* Hand driers “hands below” – the hands are placed under the drier
* Hand driers “hands in” – where the hands are placed inside the drier

PiK Group hand driers work based on infrared sensor systems that activate the drier only when they detect hands. The total drying time lasts around 10-15 seconds, without any contact with the drier, allowing for better anti-bacterial protection. This kind of drier is excellent for places with big frequencies of people passing through such as companies, cafes, restaurant, hotels, motels, various public institutions.

PiK Group hand driers – the best choice for your company or hospitality object.

As a continuation of the story about the protection and safety products from our traffic program we can offer you the following:

* Parking borders and barriers
* Warning and notification signs
* Warning safety tapes
* Speed bumps
* Cable protection

Visit our showroom in Belgrade and see the quality of our products.