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Restaurants for weddings, celebrations Belgrade
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Open on Sundays Free WiFi Wheelchair accessible Parking


Unique in Belgrade for only 19 euros''''per  person you will receive unlimited quantity of:

- Pork, beef and smoked ham - in extensive greaves cooked in milk - balls of cream and steak
- Sausage - gravče the tavče - stuffed eggs
- Ham - a meat pie - White jelly
- Bacon - cheese pie - rolls
- Smoked ham - pie with mushrooms - croissants
- Ham  - corn bread -
- Cheese - two kinds of rolls - mini pizzas
- Feta cheese - wafers with cream and ham - Pandemonium salad
- Black and green olives - salt cake - vitamin salad
- Chutney
- Peppers in cream

Followed by:  veal stew, and lasagna, stuffed pancakes, Wiener schnitzel with tartar sauce, cabbage and then young lamb and pork meat with specially prepared baked potatoes with gravy.

Of course there is a cabbage salad, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber and horse raddish ... instead of the roast you can get hot girlled meat at the system of Leskovac train.

At a special buffet there will be all kinds of fruit and cake and after that you can even get ice cream.

As for Drinks:

Natural and mineral water, Coke, Fanta, bitter lemon, sprite, tonic
Orange juice, peach, apricot, apple or something of your choice
Pink, white and black as desired, beer
grappa, brandy, vodka, bitter leaf, cognac, vermouth, ice ...

Everything you read, you can eat and drink in unlimited quantities from arrival until midnight because nothing is taken away from the tables which are usually round but if you feel like it we can set rectangular ones. In addition to tables you can choose the color and decoration that is also free and all that with trumpeter bands.

This complex has two halls for ceremonies. One has 200 and the other up to 600 seats along with a large dance floor with special light effects.

The complex also has a large parking area and a playroom for children, a fountain, a room for the bride and room for gifts.

And between the two rooms is a large swimming pool with a bridge where you can get married, take pictures, and even jump into the water. Ha ha ha ...

Personal Management and restaurants Alexander guarantee you that everything you read is true. Come to admit that it is almost not likely that something like this exists on the Cukarica and for only 19 euros.

But if you do not believe you can come and see for yourself.

You just fall in love with us and everything else is OUR RESPONSIBILITY!

For further information, contact by phone: 063/370-578 and 065/88-19-777

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