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Restaurants for weddings, celebrations Belgrade
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Boat restaurant Caribbean is one of the most beautiful places in Belgrade, located at the joining of Sava in the Danube, with a view of the Kalemegdan fortress. In the pleasant ambience of the restaurant, you can enjoy excellent dishes of national cuisine and specialties under the iron pan. We organize all kinds of celebrations: - Weddings - Senior night - Banks - Birthday For each of these celebrations we can offer a varied menu at the buffet or serving food on the menu and order. The restaurant consists of two levels. The upper level capacity is 350 seats. Lower level of the restaurant consists of two halls. In summer one of the hall and summer garden that enables you to enjoy all the charms which offers a restaurant on the water.
The restaurant has its own photographer who will perpetuate your nice moments via photos or video. The restaurant can provide high-quality music, for all your celebrations, ranging from bands and orchestras until the famous singer from our area. At the entrance to the restaurant you will find friendly staff who will ensure that your stay at the "Caribbean" to be as pleasant. All the information you want, you can get the number: +381 (11) 2130 858 +381 (64) 5486 770 or visit on your own Hours "Caribbean" from 10h from 24h. For all your ceremony and scheduling please contact us or scroll. Our professional staff will do everything to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the charms of the Belgrade night.