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  • Bus: 25, 25P, 27, 32, 65, 66, 74
  • Tram: 3, 12

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Useful information

Today, "Pivo i kobaja" is a name familiar to all of Belgrade. When we went to register our business under that name in 2014, we made the entire registry office laugh with the name (which translates to "Beer and sausages") and, in their own words, made their day. Nowadays this name continues to make our loyal customers smile whenever they think about it, and not long after that stray thought - step by step - they end up back at our place again.

The first "Pivo i kobaja" pub began work in Zicka street and it was something special. At the start just a small undertaking by a couple of people in love with craft beers and pub culture, nothing more than a cozy little place we made for our own gusto.
When, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to move our pub to Branicevska 1, we were worried about what would happen and what our guests would do without us. But there was no reason to be concerned - they came with us to our new home!

We brought in some plates and beer kegs from our own personal collection to decorate the walls, each detail we set up with our own hands, huffed on it and shined it with our sleeve. The plan was to enjoy ourselves here with some friends and neighbors from the block, but good news travels fast and pretty soon the entire Belgrade came in to have a good time with us. And we said to them...welcome! While it is true we have to pause our activities in this location for the moment, we will be back with our friends in this area as soon as the new building is constructed!

With an entire army of new friends, we found ourselves in a dilemma on how we'd hang out with all of them. The answer seemed obvious - we need a nother "Pivo i kobaja" pub! Not two years later, our second location begins work in Zvezdara at 36 Ruzveltova street and we put just as much heart into it. There, we got to have a nice little garden too, so on nice days we could even catch some sun. We just settled in there, when the same 'problem' came back - all these new friends...where to host them all?

Not one year later, we were on the move again - this time we went to New Belgrade and, just for a change of pace, we wanted to try something a little different. "Pivo i Kobaja Garage" began work in cooperation with Harley Davidson representatives in Belgrade. We decorated the entire establishment in biker style and with biker culture elements - designed reservoirs on the walls, a pump from 1956 Route 66 - everything is in that style!

The decor in all our establishments is different, just to shake things up, but they do all have something in common that we don't compromise on. Our guests are our family and every smile you get from our staff will be genuine. We like to see you visit us, just like we love welcoming guests to our own home.

Come see us and enjoy our amazing craft beers - 12 poured, 70 bottled, great food (the titular sausage, but also ribs, wings and other surprises), quality jazz, rock and pop music and many, many other surprises that await our most loyal guests.



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