Shoemakers Belgrade

Address: 194 Ustanicka st., Konjarnik
Belgrade Phone: 011/2880-131, 063/270-561

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SHOE-SHOP and sneakers ILIC NEBOJSA - Belgrade was founded in the 1978. In the fourth decade of work we want to maintain a leading position in areas such as repair and modification of footwear, shoe repair and reparation, as well as creating new models of shoes. Successful shoe business activities over the years is confirmed by the large number of satisfied customers who appreciate the agreed deadlines and quality. We work on modern machines, which are characterized by a high degree of durability.Here are some of the basic services provided by the footwear and shoe shop Ilic: shoe repair, shoe repair, repair of boots, painting shoes, painting shoes, refreshing color. We use super thin tires in all colors and micro prorozne tires in thickness from 2 - 15 mm. Shoe store Ilic works and expand and collapse the shoes, replace zippers on boots, high heels and shortening replacement, fasteners, elastics and bobby pin. We are one of the few shops that obućarskih for narrowing and widening sari boots. We use non-slip rubber spots, a wide range of patterns and designs of tires meet all your requirements. Shoe store and shoe repair shoe Ilic utilizing appropriate materials and are known for super strong tire for sports shoes. Solve the problem of air sole, set luba and a variety of damage to the shoes. Shoe store and soues Ilic all services working with the warranty with the respect of deadlines. If necessary, the service is finished in a day or immediately. We are located in Konjarnik, Shopping Centre Ustanicka 194 Beograd (penultimate station 31, 19, 17). Opening hours are 08 - 19 h, and on Saturdays from 08 to 14 hours. Visit us, you will see the quality and recommend us.