Socks, Underwear Belgrade

Address: 21 Bulevar Vojvode Misica st., Senjak
Belgrade Phone: 011/2651-932, 2651-931
Fax: 011/2653-444
E-mail: cedimex@sbb.rs
Website: www.cedimex.rs

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The company CEDIMEX LLC is an importer and distributor exluzivni underwear brands LEILIEVE by Manicardi and Sense for Proctor Serbia ... Both Brenda are made in Italy. Brand LEILIEVE deals with the classic models of machine until next SENSI brand women's and men's underwear in its range and program bodice-miderski program, a program of socks and clothing program.
Order a free printed catalog or view the www.leilieve.it and www.sensimoda.it For additional information, please call the following numbers: Tel: 011/3039-610 Fax: 011/3039-611